Saving Canada’s warehousing, shipping and manufacturing yards money through professional yard shunt management begins from the moment EAGLE SHUNT SERVICE personnel process cargo at its entry point.
Centralized facilities situated across a single city block or spanning multiple acres in size alike rely on efficient and organized yard shunting for the fulfillment of a single core purpose: processing multiple assets continually moving into, out of and throughout a single yard. Raw manufacturing materials, vendor goods, equipment and inter-company stocks may all pass through a single yard that acts as a hub for anything and everything that moves from stage of an operation to the next.
EAGLE SHUNT SERVICE yard shunt coordinators and crews oversee consistent cargo transitions at every handling point throughout your yard:

  • Tracking and processing of arriving freight
  • Temperature Check

Wherever shipments move throughout the compound, EAGLE SHUNT SERVICE handlers and managers guarantee optimized workflows. We move cargo safely and smoothly from one point in the yard to the next throughout a handful of transitions per day or larger facilities with goods perpetually moving across the grounds.
Your yard is a critical point in production and distribution centers meeting time- and cost-effective timelines. Our staff will ensure that every day’s schedule keeps perfect time by keeping stock organized, accessibly and accurately tracked.